In my entire life I have only felt one beautiful star in my sky.My heart was complete when I felt her by my side. Now that she has fallen from my sky,all I feel is darkness inside. I am told there are many stars in the night sky,but only her light can heal my heart […]

What if love isn’t something you look for or something you lose. What if love is something that finds you. I will forever love the beautiful star that helped me find the shore. She made me feel loved for this first time, something I had never felt before. I will forever hold the beautiful lighthouse […]

In my life I have given one person my complete spiritual heart.Her beautiful eyes radiated love and hope like heavenly art. I believed with all of my heart she was my spiritual counterpart.Now that she is gone I feel like my world has fallen apart. Everyday of my life I feel this intimate spiritual connection […]

So many years ago, I looked into your beautiful eyes.I was unaware of the heaven that was deep inside. A world that was in your heart, and no matter how far life kept us apart.We were meant to someday hold each other, and heal each other’s hearts. When everything in my life had fallen away.I […]