I believe during a poets life the love that flows from his pen paints many pictures and tells many tales. As he looks back on his life however the fire in his heart burned for only one. Her heart is visible in every painting and every tale.

The greatest and most painful mistake of my life was speaking the truth in anger about the first person I loved in my life and the first person I felt loved by. I spoke the truth out of anger because I couldn’t take the pain anymore. I spoke the truth out of fear this person […]

The only way to walk on water is faith in Christ, and living a life built on a foundation of truth that is fueled by love, faith, and hope.  When someone lives a life based on a foundation of deceit, they will eventually slip beneath the waves of lies as a fleet of deceit they […]

If you are going to speak a lie into the life of a lion, it better be louder and bolder than their ability to speak the truth. Otherwise you will find your truth more damaging than the lie you tried to tell.

Life is like a farmhouse that weathers on an Iowa prairie. Never invest a moment of your life in retribution toward those that have planted weeds. Let your hard work and the light produced by your good deeds destroy their seeds.

 A woman can falsely accuse a man of rape publicly and it is not a criminal act, but if a man rapes a woman he goes to jail.  Does a woman’s sexual organs, identity, and self worth have more value than the rest of a man’s life, identity, relationships, and self worth? The bottom line […]

According to the United States of America’s Federal Bureau of Investigation, false criminal allegations are reported for the following reasons: Mental Illness/Depression Attention/Sympathy Financial Profit Alibi Revenge Individual situations could involve multiple motives of those mentioned above. Our reality stands upon a foundation of blocks equating to actual events and truth. Our perception is our […]

Working toward a dream is like building a pyramid in the desert. You have to believe in yourself even if it takes 20 years. You have to focus and believe in your vision, own and carry the weight of every block you place into position. Because you are the only one that sees your vision. […]